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New to the area and looking to register?


You can stop by the parish office, see us after Mass or complete and return this REGISTRATION FORM.



How do I begin the process of returning to the Church?


Are you a Catholic...

  • Who over time slipped away from the Church?

  • Who occasionally goes to church and just doesn’t feel connected?

  • Who feels the Church has left you?

  • Who has had "questions" and never found answers?

  • Who has been angry and hurt for a long time … but who wants to let go of this pain?

  • Who desires their children to grow in the Catholic faith?


We invite you to visit our parish to find:

  • Home in this confusing world.

  • God’s gift of forgiveness.

  • Values that give real direction and purpose to your life.

  • The Sacraments.

  • The Church – that embraces saints and sinners.

  • Peace through reconciliation.


We invite all those who have drifted away, to come home, to find healing, answers to your questions and a community of support.


Contact our parish rectory at 847-891-1220. Let our parish staff know that you would like to return. You can schedule an appointment to speak with our Pastor, Father Joseph Glab, CR, find out the times for Mass or inquire about the events and programs available for adults: Scripture study, prayer groups, mens/womens clubs, service opportunities, etc. You may want to ask about the parish schedule for Reconciliation. A simple
step-by-step guide for the Sacrament of Penance can be provided to you.  For more information call our Parish Office (847) 891-1220.

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