Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation,         by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving,                               present your requests to God.
And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:6-7 


This passage reminds us that, in every situation, our prayers ground us in God’s peace. We step forward with faith: God is with us as we seek protection and discernment. Let's start each day with prayer and continue to pray throughout the duration of the COVID-19 outbreak. 


 During this period of social distancing, please access our website for updates during this challenging time.  We would appreciate your effort “to Give" online, through the Parish website. Please consider this option as you prepare to give this weekend and of course our traditional mail in or drop off will always be available and appreciated.  We give because we know that when we get involved in what God is doing, He can get involved in what we are doing.

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Fr Glab,

I hope this finds you well, considering all the restrictions that are going on with COVID ‐19.  I attached a memo from our new Catholic Charities "Northwest Regional Director", Rose Marie Lesniak‐Mendez. Mike Waters is now the "West Region Director" located in Cicero. I copied in Rose Marie.  


Reaching out to our neighbors in need during these trying and challenging times!
Catholic Charities Food Pantry in Des Plaines continues to serve record number of clients because of the economic fallout from COVID‐ 19 crisis. We are finding it harder and harder to get as much as we need from the "Greater Chicago Food Depository" because of supply problems. Catholic Charities has begun a
campaign to try to generate either in‐kind donations to our food pantry to help us stock the shelves or monetary donation that would enable us to purchase what we need from other sources.
Fr Glab, Rose Marie and all of us on the North West Region Board appreciate what you and St Matthew's Parish have contributed to Catholic Charities in the past. We appreciate this help.

Please see attached memo from Rose Marie.

Thank you Fr Glab. Keep up the good work.

Howard Kovochich
Catholic Charities
North West Region Office


Crisis times, such as this pandemic, disrupt all of our lives.  Some of us are getting through these times with simple inconveniences; others of us are trying to figure out how to meet our basic needs. Now is the time to remember, you’re not alone in this.


If you need someone to talk to about your faith, or where is God at in this moment in your life, please give us a call at the parish office at 847-891-1220.


There is nothing wrong with recognizing that you need help navigating your current circumstances.  If you, or your family are struggling in these challenging times, consider reaching out for counseling services.  Catholic Charities helps connect individuals and families to individual, family and marriage counseling, mental health concerns, substance abuse and domestic violence and also provides resources to assist with emergency needs for housing, clothing and food assistance.  They can connect you to a vast array of services and professionals who can connect you to confidential help and needed resources.


For these types of services, please reach out to Sr.Chioma Ahanju at 312-655-7149 and let her know St. Matthew has referred you.


If you’re not sure whether your needs are pastoral or professional, call us at the Parish at 847-891-1220 and we can help connect you to the appropriate resource.

Dear Parishioners & friends of St. Matthew Parish,

Now more than every, the Church needs your steadfast support.  Your participation in our parish's weekly offering and in the Annual Catholic Appeal is essential to maintaining the financial well-being of the Church over the next few weeks and months.


Although we are not able to gather in-person as a whole parish during this time, please consider signing up for online giving to the parish offertory and to the Appeal.  Just as we rely on your spiritual support, the Church continues to rely on your financial support to continue its works of sanctification and evangelization.


If you would like to sign up for monthly appeal giving, you can do so at annualcatholicappeal.com or if you would like to make a gift via text message, please text "ACA2021"  to 345345.

Please know of my deepest gratitude for participation!

Yours in Christ,
Fr. Joe Glab, CR



Virtual Stations of the Cross

There will be no Stations of the Cross,
in the church this year on Good Friday.  

You are welcomed to come walk the
outdoor stations for personal prayer and reflection

Red and Blue Fireworks

Happy 4th of July

Red and Blue Fireworks
Red and Blue Fireworks
Red and Blue Fireworks