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Renew My Church - September 26, 2022 Update

On Monday, September 26 th we held our parish information and feedback session at St.

Matthew. The goal of the session was to update our parishioners on the work that has been

done in our group to date and to have a chance to see the outcome scenarios under


We would like to thank all of you who came to the meeting to listen and share your feedback

with us. You input is important to the overall discernment process and will help us as we work together to build our recommendations for Cardinal Cupich.

Next week, our grouping will gather for further consideration of the outcome scenarios and have a chance to include the feedback from our parish leadership and parishioner meetings into our discernment process.

Our goal is to prepare a recommendation document that will be presented to the RMC

Commission and ultimately to Cardinal Cupich for his decision.

Thank you again to all who took the time to gather and share your thoughts and feedback with us!


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