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Renew My Church - October 5, 2022 Update

On Monday, October 3rd, our grouping gathered for further consideration of the outcome scenarios. With all parishes having met with their leadership and parishioners, we had the chance to include that feedback into our discernment process.

If you weren’t able to attend, you can view the scenarios under discussion on our website at This is the same handout that has been used at all of the parishes for presentation to our parishioners.

Each parish put forward a member of the team to be a part of the grouping writing team that is responsible for gathering the feedback from our meetings and compiling it into the report that will be given to the Archdiocese Renew My Church Team, and ultimately to Cardinal Cupich for his decision.

At present, we anticipate that we will have the report ready for submission by the end of October. This keeps us on track for us to receive our outcome decision from the Cardinal in January with it likely set to be in effect in July 2023.

Thank you again to all who took the time to gather and share your thoughts and feedback with us!

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