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Renew My Church - August 29th Update

Our August 29th RMC meeting focused on looking at the demographics and data for the parishes in our grouping. Part of RMC is looking at the sustainability and viability of the parishes and ensuring that the parishes have the resources needed to support the needs of Catholic community they serve. While some of the data is financial, much of it also looks at the populations we serve and how demographic trends in our area should inform how we serve the People of God in this particular time and place.

This past week, we met at St. Hubert’s and had the chance to tour the school and hear about how they are able to serve the needs of the families in our area who seek out Catholic education for their children. Catholic schools play an important role in developing disciples and each of our parishes have a role to play in ensuring the future of Catholic education, whether or not we have a school on our site.

You can also see updates and RMC information from the Archdiocese by going to our parish website at We will be posting information there and encourage you to visit the site to keep informed.

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