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Pope Francis decided to keep his original pectoral cross because it held a special place in his heart. When he held his pectoral cross in his hand it was a reminder to him that he was called by God to be a shepherd to his people especially the poorest of the poor. Those who encountered him while he prayed for them and spoke with them were drawn to the cross and would find comfort and peace upon seeing the pectoral cross.

In the center is the figure of a man who represents Jesus, the Good Shepherd, who has found one of his sheep and carries it while the other sheep follow closely.  At the top of the cross, the dove representing the Holy Spirit descends from God the Father to God the Son, helping those who are lost and in darkness, and bringing them new life!  The linear style is intended to be a symbol for a new ecclesiastical era, a poor Church among the poor, as Pope Francis has indicated.  The original Pope Francis papal pectoral cross, worn by Pope Francis, is sterling silver and weighs 80 grams.

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