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Welcome to St. Matthew Parish Schaumburg!


We are a Roman Catholic community and we are very happy to have you join us in celebrating and proclaiming the Paschal Mystery of our Risen Lord.  We believe that we are all called to holiness, and to strive to be faithful followers of our Risen Lord, Jesus Christ, who is the Way, the Truth and the Life.  In this spirit of His Resurrection, we will let Him transform our personal lives and use us as His instruments for the renewal of society, bringing His life and love to all people.  Hope is ever in our hearts that our parish community will be an inspiration to you and your loved ones.  We're not perfect, but we are doing our best to live out the Gospel Message and look forward to having you take an active role in the life of this community.


I invite you to consider how you may be called to put the faith you received in Baptism into service; i.e., as lectors, commentators, through one of the ministries, etc., for the common good and the good of the parish community.  If we can assist you in finding ways you can get involved, please let us know.


Once again, Welcome!  We're glad to have you join us here at St. Matthew Parish.  In the words of our Risen Lord:  "Peace be with you."


Rev.Joseph Glab, CR





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